St. Andre Bessette once buried a medal of St. Joseph on the site where he hoped to one day build an oratory in St. Joseph's honor. He prayed a 9 day novena to the saint and his prayer was answered. However, since that time, home sellers and realtors have sought to purchase St. Joseph kits to sell their homes. Somehow over the past few decades, a devotional request for the intercession of a saint has gone awry. Some Catholics have the mistaken impression that to "work," the statue has to be buried upside down! That is bordering on superstition and not the best way to ask for a saint's help!

So, yes, For Heaven Sake does sell St. Joseph Kits and beautiful statues of the Spouse of the Blessed Mother but they include a prayer to help you ask for his help. We recommend that you place the statue in a window or in a place where his figure will remind you to ask for his powerful assistance.

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​Here's a friendly tip: If you want to move out of the home, put St. Joseph in a window facing out and pray for his intercession. If you want to stay in the home, forget the kit and bury his medal.

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